TAGC festivities attract thousands in Chicago

By Ugander Nagesh | November 29, 2019 06:08 PM

CHICAGO - Telugu Association of Greater Chicago, TAGC, (Oldest Telugu association in US) celebrated Dusserah and Deepavali with Chicago land area Telugu families at the HTGC Rama Temple Auditorium, Lemont IL 60439. The event was a grand success with an overwhelming response from the Telugu community with approximately 1000 guests in attendance. The event was conducted on November 9th, 2019 from 2:30PM to 10PM. TAGC Board decided to do this event with all local talent promoting the Telugu culture, traditions and encouraged youth to preserve traditions.

TAGC President Ramu Billakanti garu welcomed and wished good health, prosperity and wealth to TAGC Members and all Telugu People across the globe. President garu recognized and thanked all Sponsors, Volunteers and encouraged to take membership by all attendees. According to Membership committee chair Mr. Venkat Gunuganti, the Event received tremendous positive response with approximately 1000 people attending from distant places. Cultural Head Uma Avadhuta mentioned that the event showcased 28 programs with over 300 participants.

Event Started with Lighting Lamp by Ramu Billakanti (President), Venkat Gunuganti (Secretary), Praveen Vemulapalli (President-Elect), Uma Avadhuta (Cultural Chair & Jt Secretary), Cultural Co-Chairs (Neelima Cheikycharla, Archana Podduturi, Madhavi Kondam) and other board members. It then followed by Lord Ganesha prayer and several programs & shows designed around Dusserah and Deepavali Theme. Each and Every program (especially the Skit TAGC ki Taralivachina Indralokam) thoroughly entertained audience and several of them shared great feedback with the board members. Chicago Local singers Kaasyap Boddapati & Archana Vuppulancha entertained with variety of songs which were liked by all sections of the audience. Several Kids went on to the stage and started dancing to their songs.

Audience were enthusiastic to see all decorations throughout the auditorium. Especially, the photo booth decorated on the Deepavali backdrop stood as a highlight, according to Decorations Committee Chair Mrs. Vani Yetrintala. She thanked and honored Saumya Bojja who did all the decoration work for TAGC on several occasions.

During the Event, TAGC has conducted Diya decoration with the help of volunteer Sirisha Madduri for kids (age 5yrs – 8yrs & 9yrs – 12yrs) and honored the winners and runners

TAGC Dusserah & Deepavali Celebration also included delicious dinner that included 10 items which includes Moong Dal Vada, Mirchi, Veg Dum Biryani, Navratna Kurma curry, Mysorepak, Pizza for kids. Several Volunteers led by Food Chair Mr. Parameshwara Yarasani has streamlined the process and provided food for 1000 guests within an hour. TAGC Board thanked Cool Mirchi, Schaumburg, IL restaurant for sponsoring tasty and delicious food.

Few Highlights at the Event
• Photobooth on Deepavali backdrop by Saumya Bojja
• Diya Painting for Kids by Sirisha Madduri
• TAGC ki Taralivachina Indralokam Skit by Ranga Reddy Lenkala, Madhavi Konakalla & team
• Fashion Show by Manasa Lattupally
• Musical Performances by Chicago Singers Kaasyap Boddapati, Archana Vuppulancha
• Festive delicacies sponsored by Cool Mirchi Schaumburg

All the board members, various committee chairs/co-chairs, volunteers under the direction of the current President Mr. Ramu Billakanti worked hard with dedication, passion and great enthusiasm to make “TAGC 2019 – Dusserah & Deepavali” event a grand successful and memorable with festive experience to guests and participants who attended. Youth Volunteers helped in the event in membership validation, ticket distribution and Food serving. The event was helped by several volunteers which help in smooth execution

During the event, TAGC President Elect Praveen Vemulapalli introduced the year 2020 Executive Committee and new Board members to audience

Finally, TAGC President Ramu Billakanti thanked and congratulated Cultural Committee Chair Uma Avadhuta, Co- chairs Neelima Cheikyacharla, Archana Reddy Podduturi, Madhavi Kondam, Secretary Venkat Gunuganti, Presient Elect Praveen Vemulapalli, Treasurer Vijay Beeram, Jt Treasurer Ranga Reddy Lenkala, EC Member Anji Reddy Kandimalla, Food Committee Chair parameshware Yarasani, Decoration Chair Vani Yetrintala, Hospitality Chair Swetha Janamanchi, Board Members Srinivas Kandru, Sampath Sangem, Santosh Konduri, Rohit Akula, Naveen Aduma, Eeshwar Gumidyala, Manasa Lattupally, the new Board members Ramana Kalva, Shashi Chava, Sridhar Alavala, Srikanth Bethi, Vineetha Podduturi, all the MC’s (Madhavi Konakalla, Bhanu Chander Swami, Santosh), Singers and Several TAGC Volunteers

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