India's Chicago Consul General's Open Letter to Community

Dear Friend, As we all grapple with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic that has come to affect every aspect of our personal and professional lives, I am writing to share our perspectives on the recent initiatives that Government of India has taken in response to this pandemic as well as steps taken by the Embassy and the Consulates in reaching out to the Indian community.

“‘कुशल मंगलम्’ at India Consulate:” Mr. Sudhakar Dalela, cg.

CHICAGO – At his recent ‘Sab Changa Si’ press conference India’s Chicago Consul General Mr. Sudhakar Dalela narrated the consular duties’ bill of fare he performed so-far. However, CAA and other such raucous issues, that have engulfed his Consulate, did not figure in his montage.

Neeta Bhushan Rids Indian Consulate of Corruption

CHICAGO - A high profile Indian Foreign Service Officer, Neeta Bhushan is a woman of steel. Currently she is the Consul General of India at Chicago. Her legacy as CG will be that corruption shall not revisit Chicago's Indian Consulate, and it shall forever remain a "guardian" to the NRIs.

To America, a Message from a Beggar

Walking across Michigan Avenue, I came to a screeching halt. Reclining against a road-side planter, a beggar sat motionless, firmly clasping a shanky sign-board that read: "MAKE AMERICA KIND AGAIN.”

Interview - `there is no way Facebook can monitor every fake news or video shared' Campbell Brown, Facebook's New York-based head

Fake news on digital media has become a potent means of manipulating political discourse around the world. of news partnerships, spoke to Nalin Mehta on how the world's largest social network is responding to the propagation of fake news through its platform in India and worldwide:

BJP for holistic development of J&K as tourism hub

The BJP manifesto will emphasis on the holistic development of Jammu and Kashmir, making it a tourism hub state. Even Ladakh and Jammu region will be developed as international tourist regions to generate business and jobs for the youth.
This broad vision of the BJP was shared by Avinash Khanna, Member Parliament and BJP in-chare of Jammu and Kashmir,

Paswan asks separatists to join electoral battle in J&K

Suggesting separatists to shun violence and participate in elections, Union Food minister Ram Bilas Paswan said that instead of giving boycott calls, separatist leaders should prove their representative character in a democratic way.

Interview with Beena Sarwar, a senior journalist from Pakistan and works for India-Pakistan peace

Beena Sarwar is a Pakistani journalist and documentary filmmaker. As an Indian and Pakistani together win 2014’s Nobel peace prize, Sarwar spoke with Aniahita Mukherji about the joint award, tension at the LoC – and how Pakistan has a million Malalas:

Gulam Nabi Azad: Congress for on date polls in J&K

Stressing that polls must be held in Jammu and Kashmir on due date, former chief minister and Rajya Sabha member Ghulam Nabi Azad Friday stated that the coalition in Jammu and Kashmir would complete its full term in office.