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Dolphins return to Lisbon's Tagus river. Here's why

Though dolphins have been sighted in the Tagus since Roman times, the mammals are no longer seen often.

Astronomers May Have Discovered First-Ever “Black Neutron Star”

If a star is gigantic enough, it can collapse in on itself to form a black hole. Stars that are still huge, but not big enough to become black holes, tend to explode in supernovae, eventually transforming into what is known as a neutron star.

A “ring of fire” solar eclipse will darken the skies this weekend

The celestial event will be visible at spots across Asia, Africa, and the Middle East

Intuitive Astrology Forecast June 2020

The key astrological events of June 2020 include two Eclipses, the Solstice, the rebirth of Venus, Mercury Retrograde, and Mars’ move into Aries.

Look Up! Saturn, Jupiter, And Mars Will Be Visible Each Morning This Month

This month June we’re in for some morning treats. As we get up early and prepare for our days we should take the time to also peek out at the sky before things begin brightening up.

Discovery Of Ancient Super-Eruptions Indicates The Yellowstone Hotspot May Be Waning

Earth's long history, volcanic super-eruptions have been some of the most extreme events ever to affect our planet's rugged surface. Surprisingly, even though these explosions eject enormous volumes of material—at least 1,000 times more than the 1980 eruption of Mount St. Helens—and have the potential to alter the planet's climate, relatively few have been documented in the geologic record.

Lunar Eclipse 2020: Know The Date, Timings And How To Watch The Chandra Grahan

The lunar eclipse or Chandra Grahan will be visible in most parts Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa, South/East South America, Pacific, Atlantic, Indian Ocean and Antarctica. During a lunar eclipse, the earth moves between the sun and the moon. 

Elon Musk, SpaceX And NASA Make History: Successfully Launch Humans To Space

Today will surely be a memorable day in the history of human space travel. One that will give Elon Musk a lot of joy!This was the first manned space flight conducted on the US soil in nine years. The launch took place at Kennedy Space Centre in Cape Canaveral, Florida from launchpad 39A.

Intuitive Astrology: Venus Retrograde 2020

Have you seen Venus shining brightly in the night sky? Its glow has been hard to miss. Soon however, Venus will drop below the horizon as it enters retrograde, only to return once again as a morning star. This is the rebirth of Venus and the rebirth of our heart too.

Scientists Confirm Presence Of An Earth-Sized Planet In Habitable Zone Around Nearest Star

Team of scientists including researchers from the University of Geneva (UNIGE) confirmed the existence of an Earth-sized planet around Proxima Centauri, closest star to the sun.The findings were published in Astronomy & Astrophysics, and they reveal that the planet named Proxima b, has a mass of 1.17 Earth masses, and is located in the habitable zone of its star, which it orbits in 11.2 days.

Anomaly Weakening Earth’s Magnetic Field May Split In Two Parts

In the last two centuries, Earth has lost 9 percent of its magnetic strength on average,according to ESA. Earth's magnetic field which indicated weakening and was causing satellites in space to malfunction. The weakening was seen between Africa and South America.

Pluto’s Weird Atmosphere Just Collapsed

The dramatic fall in atmospheric pressure on Pluto is much larger than astronomers expected.

Ashwagandha compound may help cure Coronavirus: A Research

Among many studies that are currently being conducted to find the possible treatment of the novel Coronavirus, a group of researchers have found out that Ayurvedic herb Ashwagandha have some properties that are preventive and therapeutic against the COVID-19 infection.

Sun reportedly entering 'Solar Minimum': What's the phenomenon and why is it happening now?

Most of us are in lockdown, and now experts believe that the sun has reportedly also gone into one. The sun is said to have gone into a state called the 'solar minimum' and is about to enter the deepest period of 'sunshine recession' as sunspots are virtually not visibly at all. Some reports suggest that it has been almost 100 days this year when the sun has shown zero sunspots.

China ready to put Apple, other U.S. companies in 'unreliable entity list': Global Times Delhi High Court to hear plea seeking suspension of Google Pay Good news! Google Chrome will soon automatically block ads that consume lots of bandwidth. Students innovators fight Corona with Unique Innovations. Examples: Sunglasses, Doorbells, Sanitization Bands Google Launches New Feature GROUP TABS To Tidy-Up The Top Bar New TCS Software Offers Students Remote Internships With Industry Mentors China launches its most powerful rocket carrier 'Long March-5' Bangladesh's Beximco to produce Corona Virus drug Remdesivir Drop In Misinformation Spread on Whatsapp. FB Gets New Features Corona vaccine human trials at Oxford University and in Germany WhatsApp facilitates now eight users group in latest beta version on Android, iPhone India asserts; sign missile deal with Russia. Ignores US WhatsApp sinks under Govt pressure meets key demands, even appoints grievance officer India lags in in evolutionary biology education UIDAI allows use of OTP for Aadhaar-based SIM reverification from December 1 Apple to recruit Indian techis for it Bengaluru, Hyderabad facilities 64-yr old gives birth to baby boy Harvard specialists propose Genome technology for cancer treatment ISRO launches powerful rocket GSLV Mark III named “Fatboy” with GSAT-19 communication satellite in orbit India’s South Asia satellite — A missed opportunity DoT survey finds 62.5% call drops from sample figures Regulatory regime mooted for WhatsApp, Facebook, Skype Vehicles with BS IV to sell from April 1 as SC bans BS-III cars ISRO’s GREAT LEAP FORWARD: With launching of 104 satellites in one go, ISRO’s next step the nano market iPhone 7 models that will boast faster chips, more sophisticated cameras Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) will replace flash Drive for storing data India ranked world’s No. 1 exporter of information and communication technology: UN agency report CBI accuses Ex-ISRO chief Nair in Antrix fraud of RS 578 crore India successfully test-fired its indigenously developed supersonic interceptor missile ISRO launches seventh Regional Navigation Satellite System India's own