Bolivia's first transgender news anchor puts LGBTQ issues front and center

26-year-old Leonie Dorado has become Bolivia's first transgender news anchor amid the outbreak of novel coronavirus disea

Art for art’s sake: Has the State failed its artistes?

When government coffers offer no relief, initiatives like #ArtMatters aim to bring artistes together to help a crippled art community.

15 tips to cut expenses

There is nothing like dark days if one plans one's life in a systematic and disciplined manner.As regards finance is concerned while earning if one saves some part of their income for unforeseen circumstances one can manage to live comfortably, at least the days won't be dark.

Designing a Sunroom—With Style

"Sunrooms are typically rooms dedicated to relaxing, reading, socializing or solitude. They are an add-on room and don’t have to function like a family room, so owners have the freedom to tailor them to their specific lifestyles."

Antique jewels the new playground for super-rich Indians amid lockdown

Affluent Indians have found a new obsession: online jewellery auction of rare and collectable pieces with pedigree and provenance. Art Deco masterpiece which epitomises a classic synergy between Indian royalty and the French watch and haute joaillerie house — sold for a staggering $1.34 million, far beyond its reserve price between $600,000 and $800,000.

The type of wine you should be drinking, according to your star sign

After all, we look to the stars to talk us through a number of our life choices, including when exactly we should be seeking out a love match, how we should adjust our routines in tricky times, and the career we should pursue—so why not channel all that cosmic energy into picking our perfect tipple?To aid us in pairing you with your ideal drop, we turned to Astro Vino—your wine/star sign match maker—to take you through the varieties you should be reaching for, and why they’re your perfect wine match.

Sorry, Saif Ali Khan. You Lost The Internet At "I Have Been A Victim Of Nepotism"

There were many tweets reminding the actor of his film background. On Twitter, #SaifAliKhan has trended all day. The reason - the 49-year-old actor dropped the "N" word (as in nepotism) during an interview. Saif, son of actress Sharmila Tagore and cricketing great Tiger Pataudi, steered into somewhat puzzling waters by presenting himself as a "victim of nepotism."

Acting Camp For Children. Theatre Director Julie Rich Price To Conduct The Classes. Act In Legendary Play 'Wizard of OZ'
Acting Camp For Children
Theatre Director Julie Rich Price To Conduct The Classes
Act In Legendary Play 'Wizard of OZ'
Call to enroll +1 (312) 316-2005
Classes July 13 to July 29
Reverse motion of 5 planets including Saturn, sum of money crisis created in these 2 zodiac signs

As soon as Venus is in transit, the sum of 6 retrograde planets is also over. Now only Rahu, Ketu, Mercury and Guru including Saturn will remain Vakri (reverse motion). This combination of five retrograde planets will be extremely auspicious for many zodiac signs. Whereas Taurus and Aquarius people now need to be very careful. Let's know how the combination of 5 retrograde planets will affect all zodiac signs.

People of these 4 zodiac signs have the strongest immunity. Are you on the list?

Astrological universe can actually shed some light on your inherent immunity? Yes, you read that right. Just as the zodiac world can provide a sneak peek of your temperaments, strengths and weaknesses, it can also list down zodiac signs who are stronger from within. We list down 4 zodiac signs that have the strongest immunity!

Easy Vegan Dinner Ideas Using High Protein Pulses

Protein is a macronutrient which is extremely important for good health. While many people may believe that being non-vegetarian is the ideal way to ensure enough amount of protein your diet, fact is, vegans have a wide range of options when it comes to plant-based protein sources.

Positively Pessimistic

Pessimists have a generalized sense of doubt and hesitant, characterized by the anticipation of negative outcomes. They expect the worst and overestimate the risks, assuming that things will go wrong. On the other hand, optimists approach problems from a position of empowerment. Some see overcoming adversity as a challenge, one that they will gladly attempt to conquer. Optimistic people view failure as being temporary and attribute it to the situation or as a matter of circumstance.

5 Zodiac Signs Who Have A Survival Streak And Can Handle Lockdown Blues Better Than Others

From the uber charming Leo, multitasker Virgo to the vivacious Sagittarius, every zodiac sign has a set of unique qualities which sets it apart from the others. Your star signs can also give a little sneak peek about how you behave when things began to go awry, especially in the matters of a worldwide crisis.

Happy International Yoga Day 2020: Wishes, quotes, photos and messages

Happy International Yoga Day 2020 Wishes Images, Quotes, Status, Messages: It will largely be a virtual celebration this year. So, if you previously were not into the habit of doing yoga every day, now is a good time for you to start.

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