From bananas to mangoes, Europe grows tropical fruit – and you can thank global warming for that

Italy is the world’s second largest producer of kiwis, which originated in China, while avocados are grown on the flanks of Mount Etna in Sicily

Poha Moong Dal Khichdi : Happy Cooking & Healthy Eating

Simple, filling, yum khichdi preparation that will remind you of home by Maharaj Jodharam Choudhary, corporate chef at Khandani Rajdhani, a chain of thali restaurants serving Rajasthani food.

What The Fork: Kunal Vijayakar Lists His Favourite Mutton Dishes across India

I cannot stand a Chicken Biryani, a Chicken Dhansak or a Chicken Vindaloo. I will not let anyone sully a mutton recipe, and surrender it to fowl, argues Kunal Vijayakar.

MasterChef Australia finalist’s ‘peasant food’ rice dish delights Indians, Bangladeshis

Kishwar Chowdhury’s ‘Smoked Rice Water’ is a modern reimagining of ‘panta bhat’, a type of centuries-old comfort food from Bangladesh and India.

ENJOY: Fresh Mango Smoothie

Summer is a great time to enjoy mangos—they just seem like a summery fruit to me. And I tend to make smoothies more in the summer too, so that’s how I came to make this Fresh Mango Smoothie. I usually use plain or vanilla Greek yogurt in my smoothies and I like sweetening them with honey. For this smoothie, I added in a little ground flaxseed for extra fiber. It’s so thick and creamy! And just the thing when you want something that tastes dessert-like but is also good for you!

Strawberry Spinach Smoothie:Happy Cooking & Healthy Eating

You get fresh strawberries only in summers. So in case, fresh strawberries are not available, you can go for frozen ones too. Check out my post on how to freeze strawberries. Freeze them in summers and use them all year round.

Birthday Parties A Covid Risk, US Researchers Declare

The study's findings support the cautionary calls in India against unrestricted social gatherings and parties amid the fall in new infections. US researchers have measured how birthdays might contribute to increases in Covid-19 infection through a study whose findings support the cautionary calls in India against unrestricted social gatherings and parties amid the fall in new infections.

Shortage of pulses likely, Production expected to decline: Industry Body

The India Pulses and Grains Association (IPGA) has predicted a strong possibility of shortage in pulses production, especially due to uncertainty over sowing this crop year due to the pandemic. India is most likely to face scarcity of pulses this year including masoor, chana and other pulses. There could be a shortage of around 10 lakh tonne in the production of tur this year, he said.

Mango Semolina Cake-Happy Cooking & Healthy Eating

Here's a wonder cake, mango-semolina, to be precise! All you need is a ripe mango and a cup of semolina (rava)Here's how to make a no-oven, no-eggs, no-whipper sponge cake.

Ghee is good

Pure desi ghee is the best ghee available in the market and everyone should have it in their kitchen’s cupboards. With loads of omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin A, ghee provides many amazing health benefits, which makes it one of the most valuable foods of Ayurveda. In some homes, ghee is used in almost every possible recipe, which is a good thing because using ghee instead of refined oils is better for health. But, why are we saying so? We are telling you that ghee is better than any other oils because it has various types of essential nutrients and health benefits. Read on!

Gut Health: Here's How Pickled-Probiotic Vegetables Can Help You Maintain A Healthy Gut

An unhealthy gut can lead to symptoms such as digestive issues, skin irritation, sleep issues, food intolerance and more. Here's how having pickled vegetables can help you boost gut health.

30 Minute Recipe: Vegan Millionaire's Bars With Just 7 Healthy Ingredients

Love makes the world go round but chocolate makes the trip worthwhile so as you tour your own house this Saturday amid lockdown, dive into the goodness of chocolates and caramel with Vegan Millionaire's Bars which gets its name from being such a rich dessert recipe literally.

Harward's Diet for longevity: “2 fruits 3 vegetables a day”

One would imagine that calorie-rich foods like meat and fish would be the key to living healthier, longer. But a study by Harvard researchers assigns a hero's role to relatively inexpensive veggies and fruits.

Oat, Moong Dal Tikki --Happy Cooking & Healthy Eating

Must try recipe with available ingredients at home !!!

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