On identifying ragas, and how the intoxicating and often frustrating challenge for a lay listener can become an obsession

Raga is a crest jewel in the world of melody, each raga offering possibilities for endless exploration with their limited melodic material.

45 years later, how Indira Gandhi's 1975 Emergency appears through the lens of the Films Division of India

When the Emergency was declared on 25 June 1975, the Films Division's resources were marshalled to defend the clampdown and sing the praises of Prime Minister Indira Gandhi and her Twenty Point Programme.

The Rāma Story and Sanskrit in Ancient Xinjiang

The Tarim Basin (northwest of Tibet, which is the part of Xinjiang below the Tian Shin Mountains) was Indic in culture and it was a thriving part of the Sanskritic world; its people spoke the Gāndhārī language which many see as descended from Vedic Sanskrit, and the closely related Khotanese Saka. Perhaps the region to compare it most is Kashmir, to whose north it lay. There was also much interaction between the two regions with many scholars traveling from Kashmir to Khotan, and silk culture is believed to have passed from Khotan to Kashmir and then into rest of India.

The Relationship Between Art And Culture

Art and culture at their very core serve as some of the most significant, dynamic, participation, and social influences of human behavior and interaction. When put together, they have the ability to generate empathy, stir up dialogue, induce reflection and charter new relationships and ideas.

Know India-Lifestyle, Values & Beliefs

India is a diverse country, a fact that is visibly prominent in its people, culture and climate. From the eternal snows of the Himalayas to the cultivated peninsula of far South, from the deserts of the West to the humid deltas of the East, from the dry heat and cold of the Central Plateau to the cool forest foothills, Indian lifestyles clearly glorify the geography.

Bhagat Trilochan - The Sikh Seer of Past, Present, And Future

Bhagat Trilochan Ji was born in the village Barsi, District Sholapur in Maharashtra in samvat 1325 i,e year 1266 in a Vaish family . Some historians believe that he was born in 1267. But we are concerned with his contribution in the form of four hymns - two hymns in Rag Gaujri, one hymn in Rag Dhanasari and One Rag in Sri Rag which Sri Guru Arjan Dev Ji included in Sri Adi Granth Sahib now known as Sri Guru Granth Sahib for which he is deeply respected by th Sikh community.

Sikh Kitchens feed Delhi’s masses in virus lockdown. Even Government looks upto them for help

At first, the kitchen at the Bangla Sahib Gurdwara cooked 40,000 meals each day for the hungry who live on the streets of India’s capital city, or who have lost their livelihoods to the coronavirus lockdown. But the need was greater than that. So workers at the golden-domed Gurudwara in central New Delhi made 80,000 meals daily. Then 100,000. Soon, they expect to be making 300,000 -- all provided free to the growing ranks of the unfortunate.

Sri Guru Arjan Dev Ji Sacrificed His Life to Uphold the Right to profess one's Religion

Sri Guru Arjan Dev Ji (1563-1606), the fifth Guru of the Sikhs was born on Baisakh Vadi 7, 1620 Bikrimi i.e. April 1, 1563 at Goindwal Sahib, which now falls in the present day Tarn Taran district of Punjab. He was the third and youngest son of Bhai Jetha Ji who later named as Sri Guru Ram Das Ji became the Fourth Guru of the Sikhs and Bibi (Lady) Bhani Ji, daughter of Sri Guru Amar Das Ji, the Third Guru of the Sikhs.

Punjabi Art and Culture

The Sikhs are adherents to Sikhism the fifth largest organized religion in the world, with around 27 million adherents. Sikh History is around 500 years and in that time the Sikhs have developed unique expressions of art and culture which are influenced by their faith and synthesize traditions from many other cultures depending on the locality of the adherents of the religion.

'Lockdown Wedding,' Where This Bride Wore Her Mom's Saree & Nani's Choker

Do you know ? what's the latest trend among the couples these days? 


This holy shrine is dedicated to the Tenth Guru of the Sikhs Sri Guru Gobind Singh Sahib who in his autobiographical work Bachitra Natak has stated that in his previous life he meditated the Name of God at a place he has mentioned as ‘HEMKUNT PARVAT’ adorned with seven peaks where earlier King Pandu Raj (a character in the epic Mahabharata) had practiced Yoga. Guru Sahib Says :

Hemkunt Parbat hai Jahaan

Sapt sring sobhit hai tahaan

Saptsring teh naam kahawa

Pand raaj jahan jog kamava


Mother's day commences , the day she delivers her baby.Endless dedication and eternal love nurtures the seed to a bud and finally into a blooming flower. Her commitment is endless.  Reciprocation is impossible. Only reward we can give back to her is our "Love and Care"

 "Happy Mother's Day to all ...


Baisakhi: Celebration of Birth of Khalsa

Baisakhi is celebrated on the first day of the solar month of Baisakh. It is termed as 'Baisakhi' because as per astrologicalcalculations at  this time the moon passes through visakha naksatra or constellation of the Indian calender.

ఇదే నా పల్లెటూరు అంటున్న చికాగో ఆంధ్ర సంఘం

ఇదే నా పల్లెటూరు అంటూ హరివిల్లు ముగ్గులు పెట్టి, గొబ్బిళ్ళో గొబ్బిళ్ళు అని పాటలు పాడుతూ చలిమంటల వెలుగులో కళకళలాడుతూ మన తెలుగింటి ఆడపడుచులు చేసిన ముగ్గుల పోటీలు, హరిదాసుల కీర్తనలు, పిల్లల  పల్లె పాటల నృత్యాలు, ఘుమ ఘుమలాడే పిండి వంటలు, బండ్లపై ధాన్యపు రాశులు, ఎడ్ల పోటీలు, కోడి పందాలు, చలాకీగా ఎగిరిన గాలి పటాలు మరియు పల్లె సంబరాలు - ఇదంతా మన ఆంధ్రలో కాకుండా ఏడు సముద్రాలు దాటి మన తెలుగు కుటుంబాలు సరదాగా చికాగోలో జరుపుకున్న వేడుకలు. చికాగో ఆంధ్ర అసోసియేషన్ ఉల్లాసంగా ఏర్పాటు చేసిన పల్లె సంబరాలు అంబరాన్ని అంటాయి.

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