Opinion: 80,000 Green Cards Are About to Disappear From US

The Biden administration has acknowledged that in the last fiscal year the U.S. failed to issue roughly 80,000 green cards that should have been given to legal immigrant workers. The shortfall adds to a backlog of more than 1 million people waiting to receive employment-based visas. Congress should ensure those green cards are used - and then set about fixing a system that pointlessly burdens skilled immigrants and the businesses that employ them.

How to Immigrate to Canada from India as a Skilled Worker

Canada has over 100 different economic class pathways available to Indian immigrants.

Joe Biden wants to address delays in Green Card processing system: White House

The inordinate delay in the procession of hundreds and thousands of talented Indian technology professionals, at times running into several decades, is one of the major issues of concern among the Indian-Americans and their dependent children living here.

Does visa processing stop in the event of government shutdowns?

We are faced with a partial government shutdown because of congressional deadlock over budget. This has happened before, and we have survived it.

Why Canada has emerged as one of the top choices for Indian immigrants

The Indian community's clout can be gauged from the fact that 17 of them won the recently-concluded parliamentary elections

Some Haitians at U.S. border released, others deported as pressure builds on Biden

Amid deteriorating conditions in migrant camps on both sides of the U.S.-Mexico border, U.S. authorities on Wednesday tried to deal with thousands of the mostly Haitian migrants that have gathered, releasing some in south Texas while deporting others on flights.

Indians may soon get green cards by paying a super-fee

he Indian diaspora can now jump the green card backlog queue on payment of a supplemental fee (commonly referred to as a super-fee) and obtain their permanent visas.

Immigration NZ: Deleted post appears to be copy of new policy - adviser

Information about skilled residence visas mistakenly posted on Immigration New Zealand's website appears to be an advance copy of the Government's new criteria.

Indian SMEs can easily expand to UK with little investment using Sole Representative visa

The little-known UK visa is not the only avenue that Indians can now take towards obtaining a British Passport, as liberalized immigration rules post Brexit have now levelled the playing field for all nations, London-based immigration lawyer Yash Dubal, says.

USCIS to accept social security number requests with green card applications

In a move that is seen as making the immigration procedure smoother, the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has announced that individuals who are seeking permanent resident status (green card) can simultaneously apply for a social security number (SSN) or a replacement card.

Thousands of Canadian Indian students refuse visas, find out what students can do now

In the last few weeks, the Canadian embassy has refused to issue visas to thousands of Indian students, which is a matter of concern. Among the students denied visas are thousands whose parents have to pay Canadian college / university fees and G.I. I. Was. They have either sold their houses or lands or taken loans from banks to show accounts and other funds.

Indian talent moving to Canada due to outdated H-1B visa policy, U.S. lawmakers told

This is mainly because of the per-country quota on issuing employment-based green card or permanent residency, say experts.

GREEN CARD BACKLOG: Microsoft Submits Multiple Suggestions To Clear Backlog

Microsoft has submitted a wide range of suggestions to the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) on improving the legal immigration system. The immigration agency had invited public comments in this regard.

Biden administration removes Trump-era H-1B rule vacated by court

The Trump administration had issued an order in October seeking to “narrow” the definition of speciality occupation to ensure US companies could use the visa programme to make “real offers” to “real employees” and not to hire foreigners as “low-cost replacement” for qualified Americans.

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