US makes exception to visa ban; H-1B holders can enter US on this condition

H-1B and L-1 visa holders, who are returning to the same jobs they had prior to the proclamation of the visa ban, will be allowed to enter the US, said an advisory on August 12. The US Department of State advisory said dependents (spouses and children) will also be allowed to travel along with primary visa holders.

TCS criticizes H-1B visa ban, curbs on foreign students

The move plays with lives of professionals who’ve delivered value to US, the firm said.TCS was the first among Indian IT companies to call out the visa curbs imposed by the US.

Immigration bans will lead to dumbing down of the world

The attributes that have made the United States a superpower is the brainpower that helped build it. The US produces more college degrees than any other nation, graduating around a million masters’ and conferring more than 200,000 doctorates every year

US immigration agency prepares for laying off more than 13k employees

The US agency in charge of processing immigration applications said on Wednesday it was preparing to furlough nearly 70% of its workforce unless it received fresh funding, a move employees say could bring an already backlogged system to a virtual halt.

Trump considering suspending H1B, other visas as US unemployment spikes

The proposed suspension of H1B visas could extend into the government’s new fiscal year beginning October 1, when many new visas are issued, The Wall Street Journal reported on Thursday, quoting unnamed administration officials.

USCIS To Resume Premium Processing From June For Speedy Disposal Of Visa Applications

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), the immigration arm of the US government has announced a phased opening of premium processing for various visa applications. On June 1, premium processing will be open for all eligible employment-based green card (I-140) applications

Immigration economy: A case for more H1-B visas for Indians

when US productivity growth and new business formation are low, admitting more H-1B workers seems like an obvious move.These visas normally expire after six years, the H-1B effectively functions as a trial period for high-skilled immigrants.

America’s Healthcare Workforce Resilience Act impacts visa and green card seekers from India

There has been a lot of talk about how possible changes in U.S immigration towards the allocation of green cards to medical professionals ie. Physicians and nurses might help to tackle the battle against the COVID pandemic.

The Restricting World boundaries and the Indian Diaspora

 Economies are in recession, industry in shut down and the countries in lock down. Travel and Tourism have become things of the past at least in the short term. Airlines and other logistics are looking for lifelines and financial bail outs to stay afloat. Health care of citizens and hand-holding of the industry and economy are the primary concerns of the world leaders.


CHICAGO - Air India is lifting stranded Indian Citizens out of Chicago on 11 May 2020 to Mumbai, and on 15 May 2020 to Delhi. Air India has scheduled two flights for the purpose. 

NRIs with H1-B Visa protest the Never-Ending queue for Green Card. Seek “first come, first serve” process.

CHICAGO - Illinois Immigration forum organized ‘Walk for Equality’ to Senator Durbin's office requesting the Senator to support Unanimous Consent agreement of S.386/HR.1044.

 Ten Punjabis makes to new year UK Royal Honours’ list to get the highest civilian British awards

 At least 10 Punjab-origin achievers, among others, have made it to the New Year Honours’ List comprising the UK’s highest civilian awards.

No US visa for immigrants who can't pay for health insurance

WASHINGTON —US President Trump has issued a proclamation, effective Nov. 3, ordering consular officers to bar immigrants seeking to live in the United States unless they “will be covered by approved health insurance” or can prove that they have “the financial resources to pay for reasonably foreseeable medical costs.”

Aadhaar for NRIs on arrival with passport as a identity

NRIs with Indian passport can now apply for biometric ID on arrival or by scheduling a prior appointment. The passport will be accepted as proof of identity, proof of address (PoA) and date of birth document.