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Vitamin B12 & Longevity: The key to living a healthier, longer life
While all vitamins and minerals in their prescribed amounts are vital to good health, Vitamin B12 is among the essential vitamins that your body needs to stay healthy and function better. KEY HIGHLIGHTS Vitamin B 12 helps regulate your nerve cells’ function and plays an important role in DNA synthesis and red blood cell formation. Vitamin B12 is an essential nutrient that your body can’t produce internally and must acquire from your diet, supplements like B12 drops, capsules, and injections. Now nutritionists and doctors have put the spotlight on Three of the Bs: Folate, Vitamin B6, and Vitamin B12.
FIA President Rajesh Patel Gives Facelift to the FIA. 'Visa-Passport Question Answer Session' on 15 April 2021 Announced
SCHAUMBURG – The Federation of India Associations (FIA) has announced its Year-2021 programs of which the ‘India Independence Day Car Rally’ is the star attraction. It was announced at the press conference that was convened at the Schaumburg Banquet Hall here on 07 April 2021. FIA President Rajesh Patel presided over the Press Conference. Rajesh Patel said that the year 2021 is going to witness a long series of events that shall attract an active community involvement. FIA Executive present at the Press Conference included: Rajesh Patel, Hemant Patel, Sohan Joshi, Vinod Patel, Prachi Jaitley, Amar Upadhyay, Hina Patel, and Tribhuvan Gaur.
World Health Day
All around us we see a spurt of health food and health food concepts. Physical Health has always been an important part of our well-being.
Technical View: Nifty forms bullish candle, needs to go past 14,880 to break out of range When Shahid Kapoor Reacted to Working with Kareena Kapoor Again: I'll Romance Buffalo Too Moong Dal, Masoor Dal And Other Protein-Rich Dals For Weight Loss Mir Ali Hosts First Live Chicago Concert Post-Pandemic. Launches Rizwana Zareen; Honors Ustad Puran Vyas Can vaccinated people spread the coronavirus? We don't know, scientists say

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Ranked: Most and least ambitious zodiac signs
Being focused, goal-oriented and ambitious is a quality that only a few have. The ability to dedicate yourself completely and work extremely hard can not only help you acquire your goals but also, make you a better, humble person in the process. If you’re wondering whether you possess traits that signify ambition and prosperity, then astrologically-analysed zodiac signs can help you identify if you’re one of them. Hence, we bring to you the most and least ambitious zodiac signs.
Asha Parekh, Waheeda Rehman & Helen dish out major BFF goals as they enjoy vacation in Andaman island; See Pic
Asha Parekh, Waheeda Rehman and Helen, who have been among the most talked about veteran actresses are currently enjoying their time together in Andaman and their pic from the vacation is breaking the internet.
Quinoa vs. white rice vs. brown rice: What is better for weight loss?
Quinoa has gained immense popularity over the past few years. It has even become a top grain choice for weight watchers and health enthusiasts. But the increasing popularity of quinoa has put rice in a bad light. But is rice really bad? Today in this article, let's discuss if quinoa is better than rice or vice versa.
Deepika Padukone is serving fashion goals in monotone outfits
Dressing up head-to-toe in one colour can be fun, and Deepika Padukone is showing us how to do it right this summer. The actor's latest appearances have been in monotone outfits and she has been picking up summery tones like green and bright blue to spruce up her wardrobe.

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