NRIs Raj Koul and Roshni Lead Kashmiri Pandits’ Charge in Chicago

by Jatinder Singh Bedi | February 02, 2020 10:52 PM

CHICAGO - Mr Raj Koul and Ms Roshni lead displaced Kashmiri Pandits’ charge in Chicago. They demand concrete governmental measures and initiatives towards rehabilitation of their community which is currently spread worldwide. Ms Roshni, a US-born Kashmiri youth yearns for her roots back home. Raj Koul, earlier on, had submitted a Memorandum on these lines to Government of India thruogh India's Chicago Consulate.


Pakistan sponsored bloody terrorism in Kashmir led to community’s exodus from the Kashmir Valley in 1990s.


Past weekend, Chicago settled members of the Kashmiri Pandit Community congregated at the Kalibari Temple in Glen Ellyn to mark the Kashmiri Exodus Day. A Candle Light Vigil was also organized there. Participants expressed solidarity with their displaced community and sought measures to return to their homes in the Valley.


At the Kalibari temple, other devotees offering Puja joined the Kashmiri Pandits Group and participated in the Candle Light Vigil. Mr Raj Koul accompanied by Ms Roshni led the vigil.

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