What is the name of lord Shiva's trishul?

May 06, 2021 05:33 PM

The name of Shivas Trishul is VIJAY, Not Pinaak as few people think, this trishul is also eternal like Nag, Nandi, Vyaghrcharm of Shiva, No body made it but Shiva himself.

This is eternal most powerful weapon among all others like Bramhastra Vaishnavastra , Pashupatastra etc, Though Sudarshan Chakra and all other weapons, have been stopped or have not worked some time, like Vishnus Chakra has not hurt Maharishis Dadheehi who than defeated Vishnu and It also could not hurt VeerBhadra when Vishnu hurled it over him at Daksha yagna.

Yet there is no incident when Trishul was stopped or any one escaped it, Once when Shiva was about to throw it on ShankhaChood a divine voice begged him to not do so, it said Oh Pralayankar just your eye glance is capable of incinerating whole universe, If you will throw it on him, than maryada of Vishnu will be broken as this daitya is wearing Narayan Kavach, hence to maintain respect of Narayan kindly do not hurl it on him, Than Shree Hari himself asked the Kavach from Shankhachood than Shiva dealt with him.

The three shoolas of trishul allegorially are to free his Bhaktas from all pain and miseryy traya taaps, Trishul destroys, Adhibhautik, Adhyatmic, and Adhidaiwik tapa papa. Shivas has this trishul for sake of good of his devotees only.

Namah Shivay

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