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India's Junior Military Leadership Empowered to Take Decisions In Integrated War Fighting Doctrine At LAC To Hold Back China

by Ajay Banerjee | October 21, 2021 07:44 AM

Junior Leadership Empowered to Take Decisions In Integrated War Fighting Doctrine At LAC To Hold Back China

Bumla (Arunchal Pradesh) - A fresh military posture along the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in Arunachal Pradesh means that “militarily integrated” units are tasked with not just holding back China with firepower, but also withstanding any attack from the air.

Infantry units of some 120-150 men are placed along the LAC as part of the new war fighting doctrine of integrating various assets. Headed by junior officers, who have been given freedom of operations, each unit has an integrated infantry troops, artillery, engineers, air defence guns, drones, aviation assets and even armed helicopters.

Major Rufus Johnson, a leader of one such unit stationed along Bumla-Assam hill axis at 15,000 feet, told a group of mediapersons that during a battle, independent decision-making at lower levels was encouraged. Major Johnson and other leaders at his level can requisition artillery fire from Bofors guns and also from the latest M777 ultra light howitzer (ULH) stationed just south of the LAC. Troops on ground are carrying the latest Sig Sauer assault rifles. A live feed of the situation on ground across the LAC keeps the integrated units well informed and enables decision-making.

A senior functionary said, “These are the areas through which the Peoples’ Liberation Army (PLA) attacked in 1962. Defensive positions and offensive capabilities have been continuously upgraded and this integration of all assets is the latest”.

Ironically, the PLA attack started on this very day – October 20 — in 1962. A method of keeping the troops fit is called a “190 plan” devised by the 190 Brigade headquartered at Tawang.

On the infrastructure front, helipads built at forwards locations allow quick movement of troops and materials. Roads leading to forward posts are paved. Troops at the unit have been provided with new technology water supply pipes that prevent water from freezing in the winters when temperature drops to minus 20 degrees. The living quarters are heated. The command and control centre and firing control units are located in maze of tunnels that are hidden from any eyes in the sky.

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