From Wheatgrass Juice To Green Tea, 5 Drinks Which Are Great For The Skin

March 25, 2022 11:04 AM

Hydrating is imperative for having good skin. But just drinking water all the time can get boring. So, if you want to add some fun and flavour to your hydration routine, here are the healthy beverages to try for healthy, glowing skin.

1. Coconut water

Coconut water is extremely hydrating
Drinking coconut water goes a long way in preventing dehydration, which is often responsible for damaging the skin and impairing its ability to remain balanced.

It helps with electrolyte balance in the body
Drinking coconut water ensures you get enough sodium, potassium, calcium, and magnesium.

Coconut water contains a lot of micronutrients
The presence of vitamin B2, vitamin B3, and vitamin C makes it amazing for skin health. So a lot of skin issues indirectly go away due to the consumption of coconut water because it keeps the body healthy, even if we were to negate its direct skin benefits.

2. Wheatgrass juice

Wheatgrass juice has lots of nutrients
It has vitamin A, C and E, as well as iron, magnesium, calcium and amino acids.

An antioxidant-rich superfood
In addition to that, it has glutathione and chlorophyll. What do all these do? They help fight oxidative stress, repair and heal skin, and reduce inflammation.

Fresh wheatgrass juice has skin, hair, and health benefits
Just one shot a day, first thing in the morning, and you’ll have amazing, healthy skin. Plus, you can grow it at home in a pot and cut it everyday instead of buying it.

3. Green tea with lemon

There’s no sin that a cup of hot green tea with lemon cannot forgive. Refreshing and calming, this really helps make the system feel cleansed.

Antioxidants in green tea
Green tea already has catechins which fight the oxidation that kills cells, and the vitamin C in lemon juice helps provide additional skin benefits, while also fighting oxidative stress.

Green tea makes skin glow
So if your skin feels dull and damaged, this is what you need. Just make sure you don’t have it on an empty stomach, because lemon and caffeine—however little—can cause acidity if consumed together.

4. Rooibos tea

What is rooibos
Rooibos is not actually a tea, but a shrub whose leaves are dried and then boiled like tea.

Rooibos fights sun damage to the skin
It has oodles of antioxidants, which fight free radical damage to the skin. The main antioxidant it contains is aspalathin, which is rarely found in other foods and drinks. It also has quercetin, which controls inflammation and helps soothe the system.

Rooibos tea for topical application
Plus, if you apply rooibos topically, it really helps smoothen the surface of your skin as it has AHAs! Talk about being an all-round beauty drink!

5. White tea

Purest tea
White tea is even more healthy than green tea, as it is the type of tea which is richest in polyphenols.

White tea has less caffeine than green tea
Not only that, but it has much less caffeine than black or green tea, which is important because there have been studies suggesting that caffeine can hamper iron absorption, although some studies debunk the possibility of this happening in healthy people. All said and done, it is definitely an antioxidant-rich drink which is great for health, and by extension, the skin.


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