Local Americans Pay Rich Tributes To Mahatma Gandhi at IAGC’s Gandhi Jayanti Celebrations

October 05, 2022 08:49 PM
Malla Reddy accompanied by other guests pays tribute to Mahatma Gandhi at IAGC's Gandhi Jayanti.

Local Americans Pay Rich Tributes To Mahatma Gandhi at IAGC’s Gandhi Jayanti Celebrations

CHICAGO – Under the leadership of its President Malla Reddy the IAGC organized a big Gandhi Jayanti Celebrations in Chicago. NRIs came from across Greater Chicago to pay tributes to the Father of Nation, Mahatma Gandhi. A group of local Americans as well as Chinese also attended the event. Rich floral tributes were offered to the portrait of Mahatma Gandhi.

Speaking at the event, President IAGC (Indian American Community of Greater Chicago), Malla Reddy described Mahatma Gandhi as “greatest amongst the great” who have ever walked on this earth. Malla Reddy stated that the concept of non-violence to attain world peace is not only relevant today but shall remain so till eternity.”

Gandhi preaching of Non Violence has crossed Indian borders and attained International acceptance. “In today’s Gandhi Jayanti, the presence of American and Chinese guests is testimony to the fact that Gandhi’s Nonviolence has been adopted as a policy worldwide,” Malla Reddy stated.

At the celebrations speaker after speaker highlighted Mahatma Gandhi’s contribution to the world peace. President Elect of the IAGC Manoj Sighamsetti narrated how the draft of India’s constitution was adjusted to ensure that even ordinary people of India get a say in its governance. “The model of Panchayati Raj has been Mahatma Gandhi’s unique and greatest contribution to India. It has placed India’s villages at the center of India’s governance,” Manoj Sighamsetti added.

Local Americans Join To Pay Rich Tributes To Mahatma Gandhi at IAGC’s Gandhi Jayanti Celebrations.

Praveen Konduru, the Secretary of IAGC, informed IAGC’s adherence to the principals and ideals of Mahatma Gandhi. He cited example of IAGC peaceful rally and presentations to bring about Immigration Reforms in the United States. It needs a mention that under the leadership of IAGC, hundreds of IT Engineers stood upto the Lawmakers and Immigration authorities seeking increase in their Green Card quota to eliminate the 70-year long wait. He added that Gandhi Jayanti celebrations has been IAGC’s annual feature that shall be further augmented with more Gandhi related activities next year onwards.

Vattimilli Hemanth also spoke. He drew a parallel between Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King. He said that the legacy of both of these great leaders continues to thrive in their land be it India or the United States. He said Martin Luther King time and again referred to the influence of Mahatma Gandhi’s philosophy while he struggled to seek equality and justice for African Americans in the US. He also appreciated IAGC and thanked the organization for hosting the Gandhi Jayanti. “Its is much needed in US,” he added.

Krishna Phani, Harsha Chunduri and others also spoke at the occasion.

IAGC is Chicago’s leading organization that organizes multiple events annually. Notable amongst these are the 7-day long Ganesh Utsav, IAGC Chicago Community Festival, IAGC New Year Gala, and Annual IAGC Fundraising Concert. It is a 501 c(3) not-for-profit community organization incorporated in Illinois.

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