AIA Honors Moti Agrawal at Annual Banquet. Rich Tributes Paid To Ghanshyam Pandey.

By Jatinder Singh Bedi, Chief Editor, Hello NRI | October 21, 2022 03:40 AM
AIA Team Presents An Award To Moti Agarwal (third from right)

AIA Honors Moti Agrawal at Annual Banquet

Rich Tributes Paid To Ghanshyam Pandey.

CHICAGO – Under the leadership of its President, Hina Trivedi, the AIA hosted its annual banquet during which rich tributes were paid to AIA patriarch Late Ghanshyam Pandey; and the Chairman of Millennium Bank Moti Agrawal was honored. Illinois State Treasurer Michael W Frerichs was the Guest of Honor. Nick Dizonno was the keynote speaker.

AIA (Associations of Indians in America) hosted the annual banquet on 16 Oct 2022 at the Ashyana Banquets near here. In her inaugural speech, moist-eyed Hina Trivedi noted the demise of Ghanshyam Pandey, a big loss to the Chicago community of which he was a gigantic leader.  She said Ghanshyam Pandey’s support to the NRIs in Chicago have had far reaching effects in strengthening Indians’ socio-political existence. She described him as the backbone of AIA and narrated how he nurtured the organization to come to the commanding level where it exists today. It need be mentioned that Late Ghanshyam Pandey, 85, succumbed to the old age complications that surfaced post-surgery.

 At the event Dr Subhasree Joshi, Kajal Patel, Sujal Patel, AUCI’s CEO Avani Trivedi, and Prem Mehrotra were also facilitated.

From the left: Moti Agarwal, Prem Mehrotra, Subhasree Joshi, Nick Dizonno, Hina Trivedi, Kajal Patel, and Sujal Patel.

Vice President of the AIA, Salil Mishra paid an official tribute to Late Ghanshyam Pandey. He detailed the illustrious biographical account of Late Ghanshyam Pandey’s discoveries as a scientist in the flied of Pharmacology at the University of Illinois where he was a Professor of Pharmacology and headed the department of research in Mood Disorders and suicide prevention. Salil Mishra said that “in his demise, we have lost a great man, a great leader and a great friend of the Indian community.”

Chairman of the Millennium Bank, Moti Agarwal described Late Ghanshyam Pandey as a “good fellow” who excelled in his professional field of research besides being deeply involved in the community politically and socially. At the function, Moti Aggarwal also chaired the Business Panel Discussion that Salil Mishra moderated.

Sujal Patel, Chicago’s top business leader also participated in the Panel Discussion. Later addressing the audience, Sujal Patel announced that AIA is going to start a Business Networking Meet, which will take place once-a-month. He called upon the audience to “overwhelmingly join the Business Networking.” Sujal Patel complemented Hina Trivedi for her AIA’s pro-business community endeavors.

Moti Agarwal and Prem Mehrotra

During his cameo visit, local US Representative Raja Krishnamoorthy, the Chief Guest, presented US President’s Life Time Achievement Award, Posthumous, to Late Ghanshyam Pandey. A similar award felicitation received from Indo US Lions Club, Chicago was also read out and presented.

Tributes were also paid to Mahtama Gandhi whose birth anniversary falls on 2 Oct. Dr Kanak Hota spoke about the instances in the life of Mahatama Gandhi that transformed him from a suit-clad Indian businessman in South Africa into the apostle of peace world over. Speaking of his virtuousness, Dr Hota described Gandhi as a man who united the people of India, rejected the British Colonial Rule, and brought democracy to India. While giving his brief biographical account she also sang a hymn that has been Mahatma Gandhi’s favorite. She also narrated as to how Gandhi’s influence of Martin Luther King triggered civil rights movement in the United States. “His speeches of peace and non-violence became the weapons of the underserved, and the disenfranchised all over the world,” Dr Hota stated. “Mahatma Gandhi is still relevant as a thought builder, she added.

Moti Agarwal and Nick Dizonno

President and CEO of the Millennium Bank, Nick Dizonno appreciated AIA’s “fantastic” contribution to the local community and small businesses during the ongoing inflationary period of “financial uncertainties.” He expressed confidence that “regardless of what financial services encounter during the prevailing volatility of even the stock market, the Indian community shall remain strong.” A financial wizard himself, Nick Dizonno advised the community to challenge the property taxes as and when the tax bill is received. He also encouraged the community to stay abreast with the government programs. “Every advantage you gain [from the Government programs] is a building block for the children’ future,” he said.

Earlier, Ms Shagun Pandey and Nishika Dubey sang the National Anthems of the United States and of India. The inaugural lamp was lit by Hina Trivedi, Nilabh Dubey, Shabana Rahman, and Santosh Pandey.

Moti Agarwal and Nick Dizonno

TEAM AIA: Hina Trivedi, President; Manoranjan Mishra, Chair; Santosh Pandey, NAIA Vice President; Shaheen Sayeed, Vice President; Shabana Rahman, Jt Secretary; Nilab Dubey, Secretary; Salil Mishra, Vice President; Om Dhingra, Vice President; Prem Malhotra, Board Member; Akshay Patel, Board Member; Ashish Sen, Board Member; and, Anil Sharma, Board Member.

Moti Agarwal and Kajal Patel

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