In Warren, International Assembly of God, Hosts Vacation Bible School’s "Keepers of the Kingdom"

July 19, 2023 03:03 AM

In Warren, International Assembly of God, Hosts Vacation Bible School’s "Keepers of the Kingdom"


WARREN, MI – Past fortnight, the International Assembly of God in Warren, Michigan, hosted a vibrant and educational Vacation Bible School (VBS) under the theme of "Keepers of the Kingdom." This three-day event brought together 62 enthusiastic children who embarked on a captivating journey to explore the concepts of good and evil, and their roles as citizens of the Kingdom.

The VBS aimed to instil valuable lessons about the existence of two kingdoms—a good kingdom and a bad kingdom—while emphasizing the importance of making righteous choices. The young attendees were eager to participate and learn, creating an atmosphere filled with excitement and curiosity.

Throughout the event, a range of engaging activities and games were organized to capture the children's attention and make learning enjoyable. Classic games such as "Capture the Flag" and "Dodgeball" were modified to align with the theme, allowing the participants to immerse themselves in friendly competition while reinforcing the concepts they were taught.

Craft activities provided an opportunity for creativity and self-expression as the children eagerly decorated their own treasure chests. Science experiments offered the children a chance to witness and perform exciting demonstrations. The hands-on experiences not only sparked their curiosity but also provided practical applications of the lessons learned.

Adding an element of entertainment, a captivating puppet show was performed, showcasing a humorous tale by the puppets Captain Cool and King Kong who were joined by their friends Abby & Gabby. The puppets entertained and educated simultaneously, leaving a lasting impression on the children's minds. The kids also had an opportunity to sing and dance to fantastic music and have some great meals during the VBS. They also got some yummy treats at the marketplace at the end of the day to take home.

Pastor Charles Chandy, the senior pastor of the church, expressed his delight in witnessing the children's enthusiasm and engagement throughout the event. "We sought to create an environment where children not only learn about their faith but also have a great time doing so. The members of the church volunteered their time, energy, and finances to make this VBS a success under the leadership of Joshua & Joylin, the VBS directors. "

Parents were equally pleased with the outcome of the VBS, noting the positive impact it had on their children. A parent whose child attended the event, shared her thoughts: "The International Assembly of God truly knows how to make learning about faith enjoyable. My child couldn't stop talking about the games, crafts, and experiments. This VBS has left a lasting impression on him."

As the event concluded, the International Assembly of God in Warren, Michigan, celebrated the successful completion of the "Keepers of the Kingdom" VBS. The lessons learned and the memories made during this engaging event are sure to guide these young keepers of the Kingdom towards a future filled with righteousness, joy, and faith.

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