Chicagoans Hold Fundraiser for Zerqa Abid, Contesting Congressional Seat In Ohio

Syed Khalil Ullah | January 14, 2024 12:21 AM

Report & Photos by Syed Khalil Ullah

CHICAGO – Past week, a historic fundraiser for Democratic candidate Zerqa Abid, who is seeking Ohio's 15th Congressional District, was arranged by South Asian organizations on Devon Avenue.

The dinner was hosted by Khadar Sodagar, Afzal Sodagar, Ahmed Kareen Jangda, Asif Saleem, and other prominent members of the Indian and Pakistani community.

Zerqa Abid was warmly welcomed to Chicago by prominent Indian community leaders Ahmed Kareen Jangda, Sher Muhammed Rajput and others. Pakistani community leaders Mohammad Yaseen Chouhan, Farooq Sardaria, Illyas Syed, Hamid Mirza, and Rana Javed Khan also attended the fundraiser.

While the 2024 General Election may still be months away candidates such as Zerqa Abid, are aggressively raising money by attending and sponsoring events as well as actively requesting donations via online and Public event. Her goal in traveling to Chicago was to connect with locals and obtain support from Community.

Zerqa Abid of Columbus, Ohio, is the founder and executive director of the ‘My Project USA,’ an organization that protects youth from drugs, gangs, and human trafficking by giving them tools for empowerment through sports, social services, and community involvement.

Zerqa Abid began her address by saying, "It is a great honor for me to be your candidate for Ohio's Congressional District 15."

“I specifically represent every community including the South Asian community here. If elected to the US Congress, I promise to be a personable and your voice and accommodating member of the US congress,” she added.

Zerqa Abid proceeded to say that we must incorporate "better schools for education with an emphasis on supporting Medicare for All" into the infrastructure. That's what our campaign aims to challenge. Not the political elite, but the average person is who we are advocating for, and we need their support.

 Zerqa Abid is a candidate seeking the Democratic party's candidate for Ohio's 15th Congressional District, which includes portions of Shelby, Franklin, Madison, Fayette, Miami, and western and southern Columbus counties.

The 54-year-old pro-choice Zerqa Abid is in favor of universal background checks, more gun control regulations, and a $15 minimum wage. Her campaign also mentions solving climate change, human trafficking, and food shortages as top concerns.

According to her campaign, Zerqa Abid moved to the United States from Pakistan in 1995 with her two daughters, joining her husband who was already living here (their third daughter was born here). According to her. She holds bachelor's degrees in communications from North Carolina State University and the University of Karachi.

She worked as a journalist in North Carolina and in business, establishing an online technology and media company and organizing international expositions in Karachi, Pakistan, before launching ‘My Project USA’ in the Hilltop district of Columbus in 2014.

‘My Project USA’ has grown over the years with youth-focused programs in the Hilltop community, such as after-school activities, the Hilltop Tigers soccer team, and a youth center and food bank on Sullivant Avenue.

According to the campaign,  Zerqa Abid    additionally held responsibilities as an officer with school PTO groups in the Hilliard City School District and as an at-large commissioner on the Greater Hilltop Area Commission.

Several local Democratic lawmakers, including state representatives Latyna Humphrey and Ismail Mohamed as well as state senator Hearcel Craig, endorsed Abid at the start of her candidacy. About two dozen acquaintances, family members, and local authorities accompanied  Zerqa Abid.

Many friends, supporters, and well-wishers showed up to the event despite the intense rainy weather since it affected their hearts and senses of the arts. With over 150 attendees, this event was a huge success. The turnout was impressively good.



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