Colorful Sankranti Celebrations By Chicago Andhra Association

January 20, 2024 07:38 AM
CHICAGO – Under the leadership of President Swetha Kottapalli and Vice President SriKrishna Matukumalli, the Chicago Andhra Association (CAA) under organized grand Sankranti celebrations organized that attracted hundreds of families.

The CAA team put in a lot of effort in planning and tastefully decorating the venue to create a festive atmosphere. The event turned out to be amongst the most enjoyable and memorable for everyone. 

The organizers presented various cultural events including Muggula Poti, Gobbemmalu, Kolatam and Bhoghi Pandlu. These events showcased the rich cultural heritage of the Telugu community that added a touch of authenticity to the event.

Decoration committee comprised: Tamishra Konchada, Sailaja Sappa, Geetika Mandala, Saumya Bojja In collaboration with Krishna decors.

The highlight of the celebration was the traditional homemade food that included a wide variety of delicious Telugu dishes, from Pongal to traditional Kobbari Burelu , Gummadikaya Pulusu. The attendees savoured the authentic flavors of the festival. CAA ensured everyone had a delightful culinary experience and feel just like in India.

Kobbari Boorelu volunteers team comprised: Sujatha appalaneni, Tamishra Konchada, Manjeera Motamarri, Swetha Kottapalli, Sruthi Kuchampudi Praveena Anjur, and Bose Kottapalli. 

Food volunteers included: Tamishra Konchada, Sailaja Sappa, Savitha Munaga, Swetha Kottapalli, Malathi Damaraju, Sujatha Appalaneni, Anvitha Panchagnula, Sruthi Kuchampudi, and SriSmitha Nanduri.

People of all ages participated enthusiastically in the Muggula poti that was organized in three categories: the first was for the kids under 18; the second was mom and kids; and the third one was for the adults.

The competition created a sense of camaraderie and friendly competition among the attendees. Stem Shala conducted a ‘lego’ workshop and presented gifts to all kids who participated in ‘Rangoli Competition.’ The Judges for the Muggula Poti were: Dr Bhargavi Nettem, and Saumya Bojja.

The event included many cultural activities ensuring that everyone had something to enjoy. The organizers made sure that there were ample opportunities for interaction and engagement, fostering a sense of community and togetherness.

CAA board of directors made arrangements for the event. The directors included: Padmarao Appalaneni, Hemanth Talapaneni, Prabhakar Mallampalli, Savitha Munaga, Tamishra Konchada, Sailaja Sappa, GiriRao Kothamasu, Naresh Chinthamani, Anvita Panchagnula, Murali Reddivari, Narasimharao Veerapaneni, KavyaSri Challa, SriSmitha Nanduri, Gitika Mandala, former president president Gowri Addanki.

CAA Trustees Dr Bhargavi Nettem, Sujatha appalaneni, Dinkar Karumuri, Uma Katiki attended the event.

Overall, the Sankranti celebration organized by CAA was a resounding success. The attention to detail, the vibrant atmosphere, and the inclusion of various cultural elements made it a memorable experience for everyone. The organization's efforts in planning and executing the event were commendable, and they succeeded in creating a joyful and festive celebration of Telugu Sankranti.

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