Chicago Black Caucus top leaderships attends Tariq's dinner

Syed Khalil Ullah | February 04, 2024 10:12 PM

Chicago Black Caucus top leaderships attends Tariq's dinner

by Syed Khalil Ullah

CHICAGO – Pakistani American Mr Tariq Siddiqui hosted a reception in honor of the Chicago Black Caucus that Mayor Brandon Johnson of Chicago, and Cook County President Tony Periwinkle attended. Over 150 guests included numerous local elected officials and prominent politicians.

            CYC Metropolitan Club Ballroom was the venue for this yearly dinner attended by leaders of the Black caucus in the Chicago area.

            Black caucus leaders, including Mayor Brandon Johnson of Chicago and Cook County President Tony Periwinkle, as well as other Chicago aldermen, numerous state senators and representatives from Illinois, were among the guests invited by Mr Tariq, host of the event.

The Chicago Black Caucus is a group of influential people in Chicago created with the intention of "representing the needs and interests of Chicago's Black American communities.” Ms Stephanie Coleman, the caucus chair, attended the occasion as well.

All through the evening, speaker after speaker praised and acknowledged Mr Siddiqui's vital contributions to the Chicagoland community.

It's an excellent chance for the black caucus to get together and work toward a shared goal said State Representative Kimberly du Buclet of Illinois.

Mayor Brandon Johnson acknowledged Tariq Siddiqui for his annual efforts organizing the community event and stated that “the purpose of the gathering is to celebrate our successes and honor individuals in our community who remain role models and sources of inspiration.”

“Our subject, Uniting Black Voice Continues, is evidence of the black voice's unification beyond calls for unification,” he said.

In an interaction with Syed Khalil Ullah, Mr Tariq Siddiqui stated, "January is the month when it happens every year. Elected officials from the Black Caucus are cordially invited to meet together under one roof to speak about thoughts and concerns and come up with solutions. This is a magnificent illustration of solidarity."

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