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Ganesh Kar’s Grand NACHA Design Raises The Bar

by Jatinder Singh Bedi | September 21, 2019 07:51 PM

CHICAGO - At Chhattisgarh NRIs’ maiden US convention, their President Ganesh Kar spread out a grand-plan that weaves them into the most empowered, and a ‘step-ahead-of-others’ community. Addressing the Chhattisgarh expatriates—who had congregated in Chicago under the NACHA-banner—Ganesh Kar termed NACHA as the “parent of all Chhattisgarh associations.” The NACHA has just recently been instituted at the initiative of Ganesh Kar.


NACHA’s historic Chicago convention attracted delegates from all across US and Canada, wherever the immigrants from Chhattisgarh are settled. Hundreds of Chhattisgarh NRIs joined the convention. Families traveled from different part of Canada and America to include New Jersey, New York, Michigan, California, Texas, Seattle, and Ohio. Prominent amongst them was Padamshree Surendra Dubey, a Haysa Ras poet. Surendra Dubey was the Guest of Honor.


Introducing NACHA (North America Chhattisgarh Association), Ganesh Kar stated that NACHA will launch several Indo-US programs to help community and the school going kids. To facilitate this, Ganesh Kar stated that NACHA intends to work with Chhattisgarh Government to establish an NRI Division over there.


India Consul General Sudhakar Dalela, Jatinder Singh Bedi, and Padamshri Surendra Dubey launched the inaugural issue of Chhattisgarh NRI community’s monthly magazine titled ‘NACHA.’

Addressing a 700 strong audience, Ganesh Kar added that NACHA plans to engage with the local governments and, thus, thru such initiatives help Chhattisgarh businesses grow globally. Fixing the time frame, he said by the year 2020 NACHA would have established 5 to 10 functional Chapters. In the same time-period, Ganesh Kar also aims at making NACHA an International organization and extend it to other countries like UK, Europe, Singapore, Australia, Canada etc. “NACHA’s India extension will be established by Dec 2021,” Ganesh Kar announced.


This blue-print was further augmented by NACHA Founder Deepali Saraogi, and NACHA General Secretary Sonal Agrawal who elaborated the governing principles of NACHA.


Acknowledging the untiring support received—since December 2018—from his associates President Ganesh Kar made a special mention of Shankar Fatwani, Tijendra Sahu, Nirmal Sahu, Shashi Sahu, Vijay Dadsena, Sonal Agrawal, Deepali Saraogi for their role in making the NACHA Convention a roaring success.


India Consul General Sudhakar Dalela, Jatinder Singh Bedi, and Padamshri Surendra Dubey launched the inaugural issue of Chhattisgarh NRI community’s monthly magazine titled ‘NACHA.’


NACHA’s Treasurer Nitin Vishwakarma of Yash Technologies shared the scholarship program for college students in the United States and in Canada. It needs a mention that Yash Technologies was a major sponsor of this Convention.


Nacha’s executive Vice President Pankaj Agarwal talked about the scholarship program, which NACHA will be starting soon for Chhattisgarh school-going children.


President of each of NACHA Chapter delivered respective Leadership Speech. The Chapter Presidents included: Aman Tiwari, Neel Joseph, Pankaj Agarwal, Uma Joshi, Manoj Sinha, Chaman Sahu, Rahul Agarwal, Atma Singh, Ashok Upadhyay and Deepali Saraogi.


Surendra Dubey had come all the way from Raipur, in Chaatisgarh, to Chicago to attend this event. Dubey appeared very excited and awarded many individuals for their contributions to NACHA. At Convention’s evening Kavi Samelan Surendra Dubey made the audience laugh with his witty satire and quirky poems.


Murty Paturi and Nitin Vishwakarma led the Award Ceremony. Deepali Sarogi was honored with the ‘Leadership Icon Award’ in recognition of her dedicated contribution and instituting the Chhattisgarh NRI Platform. Sonal Agrawal received the ‘Star Achiever Icon Award’ for aggressively leading NACHA’s membership drive.


The Best Contributor award was given to Nirmal Sahu, Shobha Delduri, Tijendra Sahu, Ragini Sahu, Sonu Joshi , Shashi Sahu, Vijay Dadsena, Manoj and Yogita Sinha.


A mesmerizing cultural segment was talk of the evening. Canada based Vandana Viswas regaled the audience with her Bollywood numbers. “Mr & Miss NRI Chhattisgarh Competition” was another highlight of the convention. The winners of this competition: Muthy Paturi won Mr NRI Chhattisgarh title, and Ms Aarti Tiwari won Miss Chhattisgarh NRI title.


Besides the internationally acclaimed singer Vandana Vishwas, Chicago’s famous singer Vijay Dadsena also entertained the guests with famous Bollywood numbers.


The evening was anchored by Shankar Fatwani, Shrishti Dewangan, Munish Kaista, Suraj Chandrakar, and Deepali Saraogi. It concluded amidst shouts of “Jai Johar…Jai Chhattisgarh.”

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