Reverse motion of 5 planets including Saturn, sum of money crisis created in these 2 zodiac signs

June 29, 2020 07:12 PM

As soon as Venus is in transit, the sum of 6 retrograde planets is also over. Now only Rahu, Ketu, Mercury and Guru including Saturn will remain Vakri (reverse motion). This combination of five retrograde planets will be extremely auspicious for many zodiac signs. Whereas Taurus and Aquarius people now need to be very careful. Let's know how the combination of 5 retrograde planets will affect all zodiac signs.

Aries- The sum of the five retrograde planets is auspicious for the people of Aries. There will be peace and happiness in the family. There are chances of gaining money in your zodiac sign. Material comforts will be attained. Relationship with partner will be good. Close relationships will improve. Love marriages are also being made.

Taurus - The sum of the five retrograde planets can increase the odds of Taurus people. Spontaneous expenses may increase and in the case of money, there may be trouble. Too much effort will have to be made for success. There is a need to be very vigilant for some time. Sweetness will come in married life. Everything is going to be fine in love life and material happiness can be achieved.

Gemini - Gemini people may also have to struggle a bit. Stress can increase in marital life. Confusion in relationship with partner will increase. Money will increase, but expenses will also increase spontaneously. Disputes can also arise in the matter of money. People doing business in partnership need to be very careful.

Cancer- This yoga can take the people of Cancer in a new direction of success. It is the right time for employed people to work in a planned way. Income may increase. There are benefits of profit in business also. This time is going to be very good for love life too. Long-standing mutual tension between husband and wife can also be removed.

Leo - There may be momentum in your stalled work. Will be able to complete the work in due time. The money lent can also be returned. Income will come from various sources. If you are in government sector then you are likely to get more benefits during this period. Respect, rank, reputation will increase. The couple will enjoy a pleasant life.

Virgo- The sum of the five retrograde planets will increase the respect of the Virgo sign. Confidence will increase. Will enjoy married life. Work that has been stopped for a long time can be completed at this time. Benefits of wealth are also being made. Gifts in the form of jewelery can be found. There will be new options in the job also.

Libra - The money held by Libra people will come back. Problems in government work will reduce. However, you have to work hard for success in any task. Control speech. Use of the wrong words can cause problems in the relationship, which can cause you great harm.

Scorpio - Scorpio zodiac signs will move forward with positive thinking and confidence will increase. The benefits of wealth are being created. In the case of business too, a situation of profit is being created. Everything is going to be fine in married life. You will be able to enjoy the love life openly.

Sagitarius- to be too much effort to achieve Kamayabi the natives of Capricorn. This time will be good for health. Will be mentally and physically strong. Enemies will also be afraid of you. Gifting to friends or relatives will increase the sweetness in the relationship. Love relationships will also improve.

Capricorn - People of Capricorn, who have been facing difficulties for a long time, can turn their days. There is a possibility of getting money benefits. Old schemes will give benefits. During this time you can achieve any success. Any major achievement can also be achieved. This time will also be favorable for students.

Aquarius- years for those Gemini 2020 is not good at all. This sum of the five retrograde planets is not giving any benefit. Expenses can increase very much and you may have to struggle a lot for money. However, you will face such situations firmly. Confidence will increase.

Pisces - You can meet friends after a long time. Benefits of wealth are also being made. There will be happiness in the family. Bad relations with family members will improve. Together with siblings, they can start any new work. New income options will emerge.


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