Your lucky colour, according to your zodiac sign

February 19, 2021 05:39 PM

Every zodiac sign has a favourable colour, which can bring positive influences and that's why knowing it might work in your favour. We have listed your lucky colours, based on your zodiac sign.


Red is an auspicious colour for you. This colour represents energy, ferociousness and purity that define your personality. Apart from the fiery red, colours like white and yellow are also considered to be lucky for you.


Pink and white are really lucky for you in all aspects of life, especially in finance-related matters. The colour green is the symbol of elegance and money which is also an auspicious colour for you.


You can consider light yellow and green to be your favourable colours. This is said to bring positivity and success to your life. Besides this, you can also opt for colours like pink and white because these can be lucky for you too.


Your sensitive soul needs warm and nurturing colours like white, grey, silver and cream. These resonate with your sensitive and lovable personality and showcases you as the warm, supportive and secure person that you are.


Shades of gold, regal purple and burnt orange reflect your bold personality as your sign is ruled and influenced by the sun. These colours define your dazzling self and further enhances your presence in front of others.


Colours like blue, green, yellow and white are lucky colours for you, as you have a dual nature sign as an earth element. Your calm nature is further defined by these colours that can prove to be lucky for your personal relationships.


You should choose bright colours as it can prove to be very lucky for you. Pleasant colours like white and light blue compliment your personality very well, so you can opt for such colours.


White, red and all shades of brown are auspicious colours for you. This is said to help you find direction and purpose in life. Besides these, orange and yellow are also very beneficial for you in personal and professional relationships in life.


Dark yellow and orange are auspicious for you, as it supports your impulsive behaviour and witty personality. Icy blue or turquoise colours are also lucky colours that are believed to protect you from evil connotations surrounding you.


You should opt for black, purple, dark brown and green as your lucky colours because these are highly profitable for your business and work life. These colours will give you monetary success and are also useful for enhancing your personality.


As the quirky and fun sign you are, bright colours like light blue, purple and white suit you the best. Not only are these favourable, but these help you to get creative ideas that you’re always looking for. These colours define you perfectly.


Belonging to the fire element, you are a dual-nature sign and yellow and orange are considered to be auspicious for you. The colour pink is also pretty lucky for you, as it helps you gain inspiration and insights required for your expertise in work and relationships.



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