World Health Day

chef Ranveer Brar | April 07, 2021 08:01 PM
All around us we see a spurt of health food and health food concepts. Physical Health has always been an important part of our well-being.

It’s important to understand that food unfortunately bears the most brunt for our health issues and our lifestyle, of which our diet is only a small part. It’s time that we spoke about well-being and its relationship to lifestyle as a whole, rather than blaming a diet while just looking at our physical health.

Eating seasonal and local are values I always emphasise upon. The world over, food patterns, food choices and food availability are typical indicators of seasonality.

The stress on eating seasonal and local is not just to support the food ecosystem and our food sources (which of course is paramount), but simply because it’s a healthier lifestyle.Ayurveda ascribes a healthy balance of mind and body to seasonal choice of food.
When you eat local, you are automatically eating what’s in season and hence working with the cycles of nature.As we move on to spring/summer time or Kapha season, changing weather patterns can disturb the body’s immunity and digestion.

Here are some pointers to tide through with good health:–

1. Switch to lighter foods that are nutritious yet easy to digest, and definitely high in water content. Fresh fruits, salads and sprouts are good options.
2. Supplement your diet with exercise. Nothing substitutes a work out or any form of physical activity for a fit mind & body.
3. Stay well-hydrated, with not just water, but any healthy liquid food.
4. Have a balanced diet, a good mix of vitamins, protein, good carbs and good fat and sweets.
Stay safe and healthy this #WorldHealthDay and beyond..
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