October 15, 2021 12:58 PM

Autumn Leaves

New Hampshire is an autumn paradise. The colours of the changing leaves almost always manages to make an impression on travellers. Its mountains, valleys, lakes, and everything in between look alluring during this time, making it one of the best destinations to see the fall leaves during the season. Here are some pictures that will make you fall in love with autumn.

Kancamagus Highway
One of the finest places to see the fall colours in autumn, Kancamagus Highway is located in northern New Hampshire. The historical Indian land is home to nature's most spectacular views, and during fall everything is all the more better. Situated at an elevation of 3000 ft, this is the highest point at the Kanamagus Pass.

Echo Lake State Park
A great getaway in New Hampshire, Echo Lake State Park is a place where you can go looking for serenity. The lake is an amazing place for families where they can go swimming, and enjoy a picnic. The park is also home to amazing hiking trails, so you can expect a great adventure here during the autumn months.

Flume Gorge
At the base of Mount Liberty, this natural gorge is an amazing place to explore during the autumn months. This beautiful area is open for hikes, but visitors must make reservations before visiting. It is a one-way trail right now, and has a 2 mile loop that starts at the check-in booths.

Mount Monadnock
The Mount Monadnock region is a natural paradise, and during autumn months things get even better. Once again, this destination is full of great hiking adventures, so you can take your pick. The Stonewall Farm here is an interesting place to visit, all of 120 acres, it is where you can visit farm animals, and have a good day-out.


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